Remember the real-life Dorian Gray that became super famous for his impossibly youthful look last year? Yes, we’re talking about Chuando Tan.

The handsome Singaporean photographer, 52, recently moved to China to pursue a career in acting. Guess it’s never too late to chase your dreams right?

Source: Next Shark

According to 8 Days, Chuando moved to Beijing earlier in April to take advantage of the opportunities coming his way. “China is the place to be now. The whole world is turning their attention there and everything is happening there. That gave me a good reason to move to Beijing,” the hunky sensation was quoted as saying.


For those that didn’t know, China is also the place where his viral Internet fame kicked off. It was a Chinese website that ran an article about his well-preserved face and chiselled face that defies the usual ageing process. Chuando is currently signed to a Hong Kong artiste management agency that also represents Angelababy and Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara.

At 1.1 million followers on Instagram, he’s now the 3rd Singaporean (behind JJ Lin and Aaron Aziz) to have over a million followers on the social media app.

There’s no word on what role Chuando will be playing, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled.

Source: Next Shark.

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