It has been confirmed that Chinese actress Fan Bingbing who has been missing for months is currently “under control, and will accept the legal decision”.

According to Taiwan News, a famous figure in Beijing has told China’s state-run Securities Daily (证券日报) that Fan is currently in prison and she is in a “tragic” condition and she “won’t be able to get out”.

The daily also mentioned that Fan’s tax evasion scandal is only the “tip of the iceberg” of her problem, as she is also involved in bank lending and corruption cases.

Taiwan’s ET Today has reported that Fan was taken into custody in late June but was released 2 days later. She was arrested once again in early August and has been behind the bars ever since then.

The unknown Beijing figure has also stated that the “X-Men” actress’ condition is already equivalent to a “death sentence” in the entertainment industry and it is not a situation where she can easily run away and get back up from.

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