Tickets for Jacky Cheung’s concert in Malaysia “A Classic Tour” officially went on sale on Sunday, 2nd September and plenty of fans had already started lining up 2 days before the ticket launch.

But of course, for a huge name like Jacky Cheung, it is expected that scalpers will also be around to purchase and resell the tickets at a higher price.

So, in an effort to minimise the number of scalpers, organisers of Jacky Cheung’s concert have requested for buyers to present their proof of identification in the form of IC or passport when purchasing the tickets.

During the concert itself, purchaser will need to present their proof of identification once again for verification before they can enter the concert hall. For those with unmatched identification will be denied.

On the 1st day of ticket sales, the organisers have caught several foreigners who are unable to provide proof of identification, thus they are denied from purchasing the concert tickets.

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There were also a group of people who seem like scalpers boldly counting the tickets in public. As a warning, the organisers announced at the venue that they will be catching scalpers on the spot. For those who are caught, their tickets will be invalid and they will not be refunded.

Around 4,200 tickets were sold in less than 5 hours at  Quill City Mall on 2nd September. Tickets are priced at RM988, RM888, RM748, RM618, RM488, RM368 and RM258. Each customer is entitled to purchase 4 tickets only.

Jackie Cheung’s “A Classic Tour” concert is slated for 5th, 6th and 7th October 2018 at the Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil. We were informed that concert tickets have been sold out.

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