Looks like the drama between cosmetic millionaire Dato Seri Vida and “Gegar Vaganza 4” (GV4) winner Aishah is far from ending as both ladies refuse to give in to one another.

In the latest update, Dato Vida told a local daily that she won’t replace the alleged fake jewelleries with cash or anything that worth RM80k. “I will only replace it with Lavida Coin. You take it or you leave it,” as quoted by mStar.

According to the businesswoman, she believes she has the right to refuse Aishah’s request because the jewelleries are not even part of the main prizes in “GV4”. She was giving it out of good will. “She (Aishah) should have her title stripped. She is not worthy of the championship title, she should be given 10th place.”

Meanwhile, Aishah has straight out said that she doesn’t want the Lavida Coin or anything from the “I Am Me” singer. “DSV, I’m not doing this to shame you in public, I just hope that you don’t treat the local artist this way. Just because you are rich doesn’t mean you have the right to deceive us. I don’t want anything from you, just a simple apology would suffice. You can keep your Lavida Coin.”

Dato Vida has requested Astro to set up a meeting between the two celebrities so that they can clear the misunderstanding between them. “I give the prize out of good will and now she did this to me. I want to restore my reputation.”


The entrepreneur also said that she will not apologise as she did nothing wrong and further insisted that the white gold necklace with gemstones is not fake.

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