Former beauty queen Samantha Katie James shares more of her bad experiences in MUMO in another series of Instagram stories yesterday (25th July 2018).

This time, the 23-year-old Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 titleholder has shared about her body-shaming experiences back in the days when she was with Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation (MUMO).


She started off by sharing a screenshot of a message conversation between her and an unknown person who is believed to be the national director of MUMO, Elaine Daly.

“I went to the gym almost everyday. Actually I’ve been going to the gym since I was 18 years old without fail – that is full muscle! I just can’t believe somebody can easily call me that. That’s just a b****y,” Samantha said in her many IG stories.

“Everyone has different body types. Everyone looks different from one another, and this is just my body type. I swear. There is no fat in my leg,” she continued.

The Chinese-Brazilian beauty explained that the reason she decided to unveil the dark side of MUMO is because she couldn’t do it back then when she was with the organisation as she was under control and she needed some time “to soak it all in and think of how to put it out there.”

“I feel that people should know about it and that all of these shouldn’t be hidden. No one should be scared to speak of their experiences,” said Samantha who was one of the main actor for Indonesian-Malaysian horror movie, “Kastil Tua”

“Before I joined Miss Universe Malaysia, I joined thinking that it was going to serve my purpose. It was going to let me speak up my opinions, my mind and for what I believe in,” she added.


Samantha also mentioned that during her trip to Las Vegas for the 2017 Miss Universe competition, she was asked to go there by herself. After directly contacted the “big boss”, Samantha was then allowed to bring 2 of her close friends which include founder of Guilty Cravings Ryry Haryanna and Nasi Lemak dress designer Brian Khoo.

According to Samantha, Brian was also one of the victims who got bullied by “Electric Daisy” (who we believed is the code name for the current MUMO national director).

“I had 2 different managers during my reign last year, because everybody that worked under this organisation eventually quits. [This is] because everybody gets bullied the same way I did. I have seen my manager cries like crazy to me because she has been belittle by this person,” Samantha said, referring to the so-called “Electric Daisy”.

Check out Samantha’s long rant in the video below.

Featured Image: Brian Khoo’s Instagram

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