Uh oh! Looks like some drama is going on within Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation (MUMO).

The title holder of Miss Universe Malaysia 2017, Samantha Katie James has been spilling some beans regarding the dark side of MUMO in a series of Instagram stories.


“Honestly, somebody needs to say something. Somebody needs to reveal what me and every other queens who signed contract with MUMO have been through,” the 23-year-old said in her Insta-story.

In her IG stories, Samantha mentioned that MUMO “never ever pays on time” and while she was there, she was verbally abused and was told that she was only a mascot for the brand.

“When sh*t went down. I was told if I didn’t have a degree, people will not respect me… I was also told that I was just a mascot to the organisation,” adding that she was also “called a slut in front of people” for the way she dressed.

After being insulted that way, Samantha decided to stand up for herself, but only ended up getting “bullied and stepped on even more”. I will never forget being verbally abused. I just waited for the right time to speak about it,” said the beauty queen of Brazilian-Chinese ethnicity.

Samantha has also been throwing shades at the current national director of MUMO, Elaine Daly, saying that she should be replaced so that the Malaysian beauty pageant can progress.

“I’m not saying that joining Miss Universe is a bad thing. Miss Universe is an amazing platform to voice out your opinions. I just think that the person handling MUMO should be a different person. Only then I believe Malaysia will actually get somewhere,” Samantha added.


So far, no one from MUMO has responded to Samantha’s claims, but we’re pretty sure that someone will voice up soon and that things are going to get pretty ugly after this.

What do y’all think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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