How many transparent drinks do we have already? We have clear coffee, clear milk teaclear beer, and let’s not forget the usual plain water that we drink every day!

Unsurprisingly, most of them come from Japan, and the latest drink to join the trend is Coca-Cola with its brand new Coca-Cola Clear, which was launched in Japan early June.

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【コカ・コーラ クリア、本日、新発売!】 この透明さ、びっくりするかも? さっぱりレモンの味わいが、 これからの夏の日にもぴったり☀️ ・ ・ ・ このアカウントでは、みんなの投稿写真📷も募集中♪テーマは「おウチで楽しむコーク」。 #cokehouse をつけて投稿すると、抽選でプレゼントが当たります⭐ ・ ・ ・ #コカコーラクリア #6月11日 #新発売 #新商品 #透明 #新感覚 #炭酸 #ゼロカロリー#スッキリ #さっぱり #爽やか #爽快 #気分転換 #自分時間 #mystyle #myfavorite #ライフスタイル #写真 #cocacola #coke #cocacolalife #shareacoke #コカコーラ #コーラ #コカコーラ部 #コーク

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For those who are curious about the transparent soft drink, rejoice! Cos’ it is about to make its debut in Malaysia this coming August at the local Family Mart outlets.

Costing RM8.49 for a 500ml bottle, the drink is part of the convenience store’s “Summer Fun & Fresh” range of products.

Based on various reports, the taste of the soft drink resembles that of the Coca-Cola Zero with a bit of lemon flavour – sort of like Sprite but less sweet.


Coca-Cola’s longtime rival Pepsi already had its very own clear version called the Crystal Pepsi which started back in the 90s, but it didn’t last long.

So have you tried all the drinks from the clear drink trend? Let us know your thoughts on Coca-Cola Clear.

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