The concert tickets for JJ Lin (林俊傑)’s “Sanctuary World Tour” Live in Malaysia have officially sold out.

My Ticket Asia was supposed to launch ticket sales last Friday (20th July), but due to fraudulent activities, it was postponed to Monday (23rd July). Following the announcement earlier this morning that tickets are no longer available, a Facebook user has decided to exposed a number of scalpers reselling JJ Lin’s Kuala Lumpur concert tickets.

JJ Lin
Source: Lace Entertainment

The aforementioned Facebook user, a Malaysian from Alor Setar who uses the nickname Light Weil, posted 12 screen shot images on his social media account. His intention was to expose a number of scalpers who had purchased JJ Lin concert tickets and are now selling it at a higher price. (Side note: The post is no longer set to public.)


To recap, the cheapest ticket price for JJ Lin’s KL concert is RM288 while the most expansive is RM888. On Facebook, many scalpers are selling the RM688 tickets for RM800 to obtain an easy profit of RM110 for each ticket sold. There was even 1 seller selling off their RM388 seats for RM650 – which is almost 70% more!

JJ Lin

If you think that’s outrageous, wait till you see what’s being sold at other sites. Several scalpers have even hiked up ticket prices to more than RM1000 on Viagogo today! Despite that, those tickets were still snapped up like hot cakes.

As you can see from the snap shot below, people desperate to see JJ Lin perform live were willing to fork out a huge sum to scalpers. Sadly this issue with scalpers often happens whenever a popular artist performs to a sold out concert.

JJ Lin

Previously, 1 scalper decided to resell a Singapore concert ticket for a whopping S$27,763! The original price tag was only S$348.

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