Singapore superstar JJ Lin is scheduled to perform in Malaysia on the 7th and 8th September.

Online sales ticket for the concert is supposed to go on sale today at 12pm, but it has somehow been temporarily suspended due to some fraudulent activities.


“We would like to apologise for the unpleasant experience during the online purchase tickets for JJ Lin concert which took place earlier today at 12 pm,” My Ticket shared on their Facebook page.

“We had over 500,000 visitor in our server during the ticket time release, which we found that most of them are Robotic technology planted by scalpers. Thus, we have suspended the online ticket sales for today and we will revert the findings to the relevant authorities.”

“We are doing this to make sure all true fans of JJ Lin will get the tickets at promoter announced price. We will keep you posted on the next sale once the problem is resolved. Thank you for your patience,” read the post.

As checked on Viagogo site, JJ Lin’s concert tickets in Malaysia is being resold at prices between RM1k to RM6k.


My Ticket Asia website is currently still down as the time of writing. The website has put up a reminder to fans to warn them from buying tickets via illegal sites or secondary sellers.

The next sale will be announced on the official MY Ticket site and Facebook, so stay tuned!

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