“Asia’s Next Top Model” is ready to push boundaries and go #BeyondLimits with a brand new season.

After teasing fans with a few vague fun facts about the models on social media, the hit reality TV series is finally ready to unveil their “most diverse and captivating casts” of 14 young women competing in “Asia’s Next Top Model” season 6.


Asian supermodel Cindy Bishop returns to host the reality competition for the 3rd season in a row. She’ll be joined by renowned celebrity fashion photographer Yu Tsai, who will once again act as mentor and creative director. The show wouldn’t be complete without previous alumni from “Asia’s Next Top Model” coming onboard to share their experiences. Viewers can look forward to cameos from Monika Santa Maria from Season 3, together with Shikin Gomez and Nguyen Minh Tu from Season 5.

Following the enormous reception from fans of last cycle, we are extremely excited to continue the momentum this cycle with pushing the boundaries of creativity and story-telling against the raw and edgy backdrop of Bangkok. Most of all, this season, we are injecting a brand new element into the show which will give the fans a more intimate glimpse into the girls’ journey and create a new dimension for future cycles to come,” said Karen Seah, executive producer and showrunner from Refinery Media.

Without further ado, let’s get to know these models better:

1. Adela-Mae Marshall, 20 (The Philippines)

After charming her homeland on “Philippines’ Next Top Model”, Adela is ready to chase her dreams of international recognition; bringing not only beauty but also all-around skills in swimming and music. Her serious demeanour can come across as snobbish, but just talk to her and see how she brings a room to life.

2. Jachin Manere, 21 (The Philippines)

Grew up playing on the streets with two older brothers, Jachin is a carefree tomboy who loves music and sci-fi movies. Quirky and full of energy, one might find her insensitive at times – but don’t underestimate this perfectionist who hates to fail and won’t give up without a fight.

3. Beauty (Thet Thet Thinn), 22 (Myanmar)


Beauty is a high-energy newcomer from Myanmar who maintains a fun and cheerful disposition (sure to make the model house lively!) despite a tough family situation. Now, fully focused on modelling, Beauty is supporting her mother whilst chasing her dreams.

4. Hody Yim, 24 (Hong Kong)

After losing her closest family members, Hody managed to pull herself out of the dark and pursue her modeling career. She is still a newbie comparatively, but her skills speak for themselves. With a positive and lovable personality, she may become ever girl’s best friend in the house.

5. Iko Bustomi, 22 (Indonesia)

A traditional Indonesian beauty, Iko started modeling to help financially take care of her huge family. Booking jobs from runways to commercial print, Iko is confident in pulling off a range of looks. She has a cheery and optimistic personality, which could make it hard to knock her down.

6. Jesslyn Lim, 26 (Indonesia)

A model to be reckoned with, Jesslyn is a feisty go-getter who works hard to get what she wants. She is unafraid to express her opinions. Excited to be challenged by younger models, she believes that her maturity, age and experience will help her come out on top.

7. Lena Saetiao, 20 (Thailand)

With her pageant background, it wasn’t easy for Lena to transit into the modelling world, but that didn’t stop this Thai beauty who is now rocking fashion shows and editorial shoots. With a persistent attitude, Lena is going to fight to prove that she is more than just a beauty queen.

8. Dana Slosar, 24 (Thailand)

Dana is easy-going but won’t hesitate to stand up for herself. Growing up with protective parents, she leads a sheltered life but isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. The epitome of ‘work hard, play hard’ she is constantly looking for job opportunities while partying with her friends outside of work.

9. Pim Bubear, 23 (Thailand)

Pim is a real head-turner, armed with six years of modeling and acting experience. Touted as a rising star in Thai film and modeling industries, Pim is ready to make her homeland proud. She’s also a trained karate fighter and boxer, with a bubbly and approachable personality.

10. Rubini Sambanthan, 26 (Malaysia)

The eldest model in the competition, Rubini got a later start than most models but is steadily making waves. Dealing with her sibling’s recent passing, she has risen from her struggles to become a passionate advocate for mental illness, and wants to inspire others who have been through tough times.

11. Mia Sabathy, 24 (Taiwan)

The independent and sweet girl-next-door, Mia has been modeling since the age of 12 in Asia and Europe. Despite her parents’ objections, she started living alone at just 17 to pursue her modeling dreams. Mia prides herself on being easy to work with and incredibly versatile.

12. Sharnie Fenn, 20 (Japan)

Born to Japanese/Australian parents and raised in Australia, Sharnie was bullied in school for her Asian looks. She has since learned to shrug off the haters! She admits being book smart rather than street smart, due to her sheltered upbringing. This is will be her first time living alone or modelling outside of the Gold Coast.

13. Thanh Vy Nguyen, 23 (Vietnam)

Thanh Vy was barely an adult when she became the sole breadwinner at home, after her parents were both diagnosed with cancer. This experience made her strong, and she has honed her modeling and acting skills over the past 10 years – making her a formidable contender.

14. Yi Han Si, 18 (Singapore)

Growing up with her parents’ constant quarrels and distant relationship, Han was forced to mature quicker than her peers. Despite being the youngest contestant, she is one of the most grounded and independent; debuting at Digital Fashion Week at just 15 years old.

So who are your favourite girls? Let us know in the comments below.

To all Malaysian viewers, go beyond limits when “Asia’s Next Top Model Season 6” premieres on FOX Life beginning 22nd August, every Wednesday at 9pm on Astro CH 711 and 722 HD; and unifi TV CH 455.

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