In celebration of Prime Minister Tun Mahathir’s 93rd birthday yesterday, Pos Malaysia has released a special set of limited edition stamps to the public.

News regarding the special stamps was announced last week, and the public reaction was mostly positive, except for Tun Mahathir’s eldest daughter, Marina Mahathir.

Marina Mahathir took to Twitter, stating that the local post office didn’t get the permission from her father to release the special edition stamps, while other Twitter commenters questioned if Pos Malaysia had also gotten permission to use the pictures which are believed to be taken from Tun M’s Instagram.

Yesterday, a spokesperson from Pos Malaysia has clarified that the company had sought prior permission from the prime minister’s office (PMO) and the original photographers behind the images of the stamps.


“We also credited the photographers during the press conference about the stamps,” the person told Free Malaysia Today.

According to the local daily, only 100,000 copies of the special edition stamps in various designs were printed. Each set is being sold for RM93.

The Star reported that all of Tun M’s stamps were sold out at the General Post Office in Downing Street, Penang in less than half a day.


Sources: Free Malaysia Today, The Star.

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