Warning: You are about to experience some explicit language and behaviour. This is a song for all the f**kboys who have done you wrong. If you would like to participate in the next activity, please put your middle finger up. 

That text appeared on the large screen just before Dua Lipa launched into one of her encore songs for “IDGAF” (an abbreviation for “I don’t give a f**k”). It wasn’t long before middle fingers were raised to the sky.

Source: Twitter

If you’ve been following the “One Kiss” singer on her social media accounts, you’ll probably know that a lucky Malaysian named Hazim Hilmi requested to take a snapshot with her. It just so happened that they were on the same flight from Hong Kong to KLIA via Malaysian Airlines.


The 22-year-old pop starlet and her friends took time off to explore some touristy things while they were in Kuala Lumpur. They enjoyed some local dishes at Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang. That same night, they also went up to Thean Hou Temple. Batu Caves was also included in their sightseeing while Dua Lipa and her crew were in the city.

Fans couldn’t help but rejoice together with the songstress when she discovered her own unique mural. Located at Dato Keramat LRT, Dua Lipa even met up with the visual artist Katun Zhack himself.

Dua Lipa
Source: Twitter

When Dua Lipa’s solo tour at KL Live went on sale, it sold out within a day. Since then, fans have been anticipating her concert (organised by IME Malaysia and InTour Live). Some fans even showed up at the venue to queue as early as 1pm, in addition to those who flew in from Jakarta. Talk about dedication…

Local DJ duo BATE entertained the crowd during their 30-minute, but concert-goers had only one person in mind – Dua Lipa. The Brit was welcomed on stage with deafening screams. Kicking the show off with “Blow Your Mind”, the energy in KL Live was a solid 10/10. Audiences ate up the futuristic disco number as Lipa was seen bouncing and reeling round the stage.

Source: Twitter

Unfortunately for those of us standing at the upper tier close to the speakers, the pop star’s voice was drowned out by the thumping drum beats and heavy background music. It was only during her intimate sessions in “Garden” and “Homesick” that her vocals truly soared seamlessly. Lipa’s smoky yet sultry tone during those stripped-down moments were spine-tingling.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was witnessing the English-born singer’s stamina in sustaining her jazzercise-style dance routines throughout the concert duration without missing a beat. To quote Brian O’Flynn, “she is a machine, but never robotic“. The concert was a joyride regardless whether you’re a hardcore fan or not.

Source: Chris Chew

Following “IDGAF”, Lipa ended the night with the tropical house/ electro-pop single “New Rules”. Looking at her devoted legion of fans, we can deduce this much – Dua Lipa is definitely here to stay.

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