What are the chances of you bumping into a famous pop artist while flying via Malaysia Airlines (MAS)?

A lucky fan by the name of Hazim Hilmi was flying home from the Hong Kong International Airport today (Wednesday, 2nd May) when he spotted Dua Lipa on the same flight as him. The young man, who is believed to be from Kuala Terengganu, couldn’t resist taking a snapshot with the pop starlet.

Source: Hazim Hilmi

Who would have thought that the person seated in front of me would be Dua Lipa,” the Malaysian man tweeted just hours ago.  The 22-year-old English singer was clad in a denim jacket with a pair of stylish shades. The pair was photograph posing with a peace sign. How cute!


Since Hazim’s post caught the attention of local Dua Lipa fans, they have been offering congratulatory messages and telling him how lucky he was. How did we know they were flying via MAS? The female flight attendant standing behind them accidentally photo bombed the duo.

For those that don’t know, Dua Lipa is scheduled to perform at KL Live, Life Centre tomorrow night (Thursday, 3rd May) at 8:30pm.

Perhaps, the pop singer might get the chance to explore Kuala Lumpur and maybe even check out her own mural in the city. The impressive graffiti was created by visual artist Katun. According to some fans, this artwork can be found at the Dato Keramat LRT station.

We can’t wait for your performance Dua Lipa 😉

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