Fresh-faced teen pop sensation, Chaleeda Gilbert has officially released his first English single “Mind Over Matter” – a track that was composed by iconic Malaysian artist, SonaOne.

Despite being merely 16 years-old, Chaleeda has already built a decent following with some of her YouTube videos receiving over 1.2 million views but her decision to dabble into the English music scene in Southeast Asia is a timely decision.

She already has a Thai track called “Ready for Love” out there but Chaleeda believes that her new English single comes from a different side of her – one that has evolved with maturity over time.


“The Thai single ‘Ready For Love’ is more of an introductory for me as a newcomer, as a solo artist and also a coming-of-age kind of thing from my previous image that was very child-like.

“In ‘Mind Over Matter’ I just want to showcase the slightly grown-up side of me where love knows no boundaries while some may say that we are too young to fall in love but at the end of the day it is all about what we know and feel, and what is best for our hearts and minds when it is just ‘Mind Over Matter’,” she explained.

Last week, she held a showcase for the release of her new track at The Bee, which was organized by Rocketfuel Entertainment, a label that’s seeking to promote and grow exceptional talents within this region.

“Rocketfuel entertainment is the first Regional Label in Asia that supports young talents such as myself because in the past I have tried many times to find a home-based record label that understands the type of music I want to explore and would like to showcase but failed, and when Rocketfuel Entertainment approached me stating their interest, it was like an opportunity of a lifetime that I just cannot resist.

“The team is very professional and the acts they have under them are some of the biggest names in South East Asia! Not only that, their support for my career and music choice is endless, I feel so blessed to have them guiding me through this journey and build myself as an artist from the ground up,” Chaleeda enthused.

Check out her first single in the video below!

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