We’ve seen the horrifying taugeh pizza but what about a taugeh cake?

Recently, a woman was presented with a taugeh cake during her surprise 25th birthday celebration at the office. The interesting part? This lady, who works in Chinese publication Rojaklah, hates taugeh.

Taugeh Cake
Source: Facebook

Her colleagues at Rojaklah are aware of her dislike for the vegetable dish and decided to pull a prank on her big day. If you look closely at the image above, the “cake” doesn’t just consist of taugeh. Underneath the bean sprouts is actually a scoop of white rice. Placed on top of the taugeh are a colourful “Happy Birthday” cake topper and a burning candle.


Since the Facebook post went viral with over 2700 shares (as at time of writing), many netizens have tag their friends, warning them of future pranks. Some even suggested that this “cake” would be a better option in terms of saving cash. You won’t have to splurge between RM80 – RM100 for a cake from Secret Recipe right?

We’re just kidding 😉

Taugeh Cake
Source: Facebook

The colleagues weren’t totally unreasonable though. They later brought out a legit chocolate cake. It’s probably safe to assume that this is one memorable birthday occasion she won’t forget anytime soon.

Source: Sheryll Paul.

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