You’ve probably seen your fair share of weird pizzas. We’ve come across durian pizza and rice pizza, but a “taugeh” pizza? Now, that’s a first.

Last night (Tuesday, 27th June), a Twitter user named 鬼‏ @trpkktrllng uploaded an image of what appears to be a homemade taugeh pizza. As you may know, taugeh is also known as bean sprouts, commonly served with chicken rice.

Unsurprisingly, the bizarre pizza topping picture started gaining traction on Twitter, drawing huge reactions from netizens. Some were clearly disgusted by the imagery, even threatening to “report you to the police for this crime”.

Having said that, there were a few who wouldn’t mind giving taugeh pizza a try. “Why is everybody hating on taugeh? It might be nice,” suggested Twitter user, Dina.

Kalau yang tu tak sedap, kita letak cheese tengok sedap ke tak. (Translation: If the first fusion isn’t up to par, let’s add cheese on the pizza and see if it will be tastier),” tweeted @trpkktrllng. He also added another image of a taugeh pizza with cheese.


Where do y’all stand? Is taugeh pizza something you would try? Sound off in the comments section below.

Source: @trpkktrllng’s Twitter.

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