Thanks to one Malaysian netizen who had too much time on his hands and a great sense of humour, a “Scream Like Goku in Kiara Park” event is actually happening.

Scheduled for 16th September 2017, in conjunction with Malaysia Day, event “organiser” Joseph Lee initially created the Facebook event page for fun. But it has since gained so much traction that as at time of writing, 691 people have confirmed their attendance while 2.4k others have expressed their interest.


Details of the event are scarce, save for the description which reads, “FOR RECREATIONAL PURPOSES: in conjunction with Malaysia Day, lets turn into super saiyan together, so practice now k.”

For the uninitiated, the “Scream Like Goku” gatherings have been happening in cities around the world (there’s even one planned for Singapore this weekend), featuring groups of people yup, you guessed it, screaming like Goku in public spaces. The most recent “Scream Like Goku” event took place in New York, where a handful of people gathered at Washington Square Arch and screamed like Goku for an hour. An hour! As random as it sounds to us, for the attendees, it was an hour well spent.


And that’s not all. Vendors, such as JS Variety F&B and Red Bull Malaysia, have also offered to set up shop at “Scream Like Goku in Kiara Park” to feed the attendees.

In speaking about “Scream Like Goku in Kiara Park”, Joseph Lee, who is a fitness instructor by profession, told us exclusively, “Honestly, it just started out as a joke which blew out of proportion. I made the page because I saw some videos of the ‘Scream Like Goku’ event at Washington Square Arch and thought that it’d be pretty funny to make a Facebook event page. So I created the page, went to sleep, woke up to 20 shares, and thought, ‘Okay, this is probably not going to go far’. I went to sleep again and woke up to 200 shares over just one night! I was like, ‘What the hell just happened?’. After that, vendors started contacting me to ask if they could set up shop at the venue.”

And on how he’s planning to wing this accidentally popular event, he said, “None of this makes sense to me still, but I’m probably just going to be there to pick up rubbish. I really don’t know what’s going to happen on that day but I’ll definitely be there just to see how things turn out.”


Not a fan of screaming like Goku? There’s also a “Do Nothing for 5 Minutes at KLCC Park” event that’s happening on the same day, if anyone’s interested. Let’s not forget the “Punch air like Saitama at Desa Park City” event this weekend.

Just sayin’ 😉

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