Taylor Swift caused quite a stir when she recently wiped out her social media platforms, leaving fans shocked and confused.

Late last night (Monday, 21st August), the 27-year-old entertainer posted a mysterious clip on Twitter and Instagram. Many are now speculating that the pop star is planning something big. Rumour has it that her new single will coincide with the solar eclipse.

Taylor Swift
Source: The Inquisitr

Tumblr user tshifty has a massive theory. According to the Swiftie, an eclipse “often symbolises new beginnings”, which makes sense since Swift’s new album will mark a new era in her life. By “blacking” out everything in her accounts, it could mean that the singer-songwriter is waiting for the moon to pass over the sun before dropping her new tune to the the world.


But what about her latest tease? The peculiar 10-second clip shows what looks to be a dragon or a snake’s tail on a dark background. What’s the connection between Swift and the slithering creature? The internet is literally going nuts trying to figure out what it all means. Even Joseph Kahn, the director of the star’s “Bad Blood” and “Wildest Dreams” music videos, shared the bizarre tweet with a smiley face.

What do y’all think about Swift’s clip? Share your theories with us in the comment section below.


Sources: News, Seventeen, Inquisitr.

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