Hype’s Now Playing: Namewee, David Arumugam, & Aniq – Ali, Ah Kao, Dan Muthu

We’re less than a month away from celebrating Malaysia’s 60th Independence Day.

In anticipation of the upcoming Merdeka celebration, Namewee has released a music video titled, “Ali, Ah Kao Dan Muthu”, featuring Malaysian icon David Arumugam of the Alleycats and winner of “Ceria Popstar 2016”, Aniq.

Ali Ah Kao Dan Muthu
Source: Facebook

Ali, Ah Kao, and Muthu (representing the major ethnicities in our country) are 3 good friends at various stages of their lives together. The uplifting visual features things that Malaysians can relate very well – multiculturalism, friendship, as well as food. Watching the 6-minute music video brought back nostalgic memories and even a smile to our face.


The music video shows the 3 old friends reminiscing about their childhood days as mischievous schoolboys. Despite going through years of hardship (failing their exams, job predicament), they were able to stick by one another. As the translated lyrics reads, “We are Malaysians, regardless of colour and blood. There’s only one dream and one country.”

In addition to the “Ali, Ah Kao Dan Muthu” music video, there’s also a look at behind-the-scenes. Enjoy:

We like the fact that several iconic moments such as Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Merdeka cheer, the production of Proton Saga, and Malaysia’s Thomas Cup win were included in the footage.