South Korean actress Nam Ji Hyun (남지현) recently talked about her bed scene with “Suspicious Partner” (수상한 파트너) actor Ji Chang Wook (지창욱).

In an interview with Kim Ye Won on KBS Cool FM, the star said that it was her first time filming a bed scene. But thanks to her co-star, she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. “Chang Wook oppa made things comfortable so I was able to film it comfortably,” she revealed.

Source: Dailymotion

Kim also told Nam that she showed great maturity for her age when she led the scene. “I saw that the flow being created with your lead. You are an adult,” the DJ told the actress, to which she replied, Was I very skillful? Chang Wook oppa also said, ‘Ji Hyun was an adult’ after we filmed the scene and that made me blush.” 


Besides that, the 21-year-old actress opened up about the pressure many child actors face when they become adult actors. “When I first started acting, I was a bit confused. It wasn’t something that I tried because I really wanted to, and my parents didn’t force it on me either. I started it because I thought it would be a special experience that would be helpful in the future, but it connected to dramas and even movies,” she said.

Source: SBS

She continued, “When I turned 20 years old, the work environment changed a lot. When I went on to university, my personal life changed too, and the environment around me also changed. My thoughts changed, and I accepted new things, and my problems resolved on their own. Time fixed everything.”

Nam Ji Hyun began her career as a child actress in 2001 and is best known for her roles in “East of Eden”, “Queen Seondeok”, and “Will It Snow for Christmas?”. She landed her first lead role as Ko Bok Shil in “Shopaholic Louis” alongside Seo In Guk.

Sources: Soompi, All Kpop / Featured image: Dailymotion, SBS.

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