Seo In Guk is back!

After dropping his 6th digital single “Bebe” in December 2016, the singer-cum-actor has been fairly quiet in the music scene. However, he has now finally released new music.

His 7th digital single “Better Together (함께 걸어)” was made public at noon today (Monday, 27th March) alongside a music video for the title track of the same name.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The song is written and composed by Seo In Guk himself and is dedicated to his fans. According to soompi, the lyrics of the song contains the singer’s message to those that stood by his side.

With lyrics like the ones below, it would be impossible for a fan to go through the whole song without shedding a tear or two.

The song goes:

They weren’t just good memories/ There are more hard ones/ I wanted to cry but I held it in/ But I endured as I saw you/ There are still memories to make together/ There’s still more. We’re just apart for now/ You and I, we’re still there/ Always, without change/ We’re holding hands, walking beautifully/ Always walking together.

The music video starts with the singer looking vacantly into the sea before the scene dissolves into the night of his concert. It then shows the singer rehearsing and preparing for the concert before giving his all to his fans. We see him singing and rapping while having a good time and interacting with fans.


“Better Together” was first unveiled at the talented artiste’s concert last year, but due to overwhelming requests, he has officially released the studio version. It will also be his last present to fans before he enlists in the army tomorrow (28th March). The 29-year-old celebrity will be training for 5 weeks before beginning his service as an active duty soldier.


For more info, visit Seo In Guk’s official website and Facebook page.sSeo

Source: soompi.

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