It seems like a popular K-Pop male idol group member is accused of sexual assault.

According to multiple reports, a woman claimed that she was sexually assaulted by 3 men, including the singer, at a home in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul. It was also reported that The victim called the police at 8:56am on 6th July.

Source: The Inquisitr

When the police arrived at the scene of the crime, the idol member was no where to be seen and only the woman and a friend were present.


In a statement, the Seoul Gangnam Police District said, “The side of events from one of the men is completely different from the initial 112 emergency call made by the victim. We are in the process of getting her official statement now.”

Apparently, the group was drinking when the alleged assault happened. Besides that, the other male who was present has denied suspicions from the police.

Source: Naver

This is not the first time a K-Pop idol has been accused of sexual assault. Recently, a netizen claimed that NU’EST’s Baekho for sexually assaulting her 8 years ago when they were in the same cram school.

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UPDATE (7th July, 12:10pm):

The victim who accused a popular K-Pop male idol group member of sexual assault has withdrawn her claims!

It was reported that she corrected her initial statement and claimed that the idol singer is innocent. “The idol did not rape me. I think the other 2 males that were there are the one’s who raped me,” she said.

According to Sports Today, the unnamed idol singer, who made his debut in 2010, is 26 years old. His agency stated, “It isn’t fully confirmed that our idol has raped anyone yet. We are still trying to confirm things but our idol can’t be contacted. We have to confirm with him first to fully know what happened.”


Sources: Koreaboo, All Kpop, Soompi / Featured image: The Inquisitr, Naver.

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