Ever since Marvel popularised the inclusion of mid and post credit scenes in their blockbusters, fans have come to expect them in films.

It comes as no surprise that “Spider-Man: Homecoming” will feature extra footage even though the movie is being co-produced by Sony. It was recently revealed that Spidey’s first instalment of a trilogy will 2 bonus scenes.

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Source: Marvel

In speaking with Screen Rant, director Jon Watts shared that one of the post credit scenes was a last minute addition. “My first priority was making sure the movie worked and was the strongest thing possible, and then there were a couple of contenders for what the post credits scenes should be,” the filmmaker said.


He continued, “Sometimes it was like, should that be part of the body of the movie or is it better to come after the credits sequence? But the very, very last one was my favourite and was a last minute addition to both write and put in the movie.”

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Source: Marvel

Although Watts did not go into detail as to what those scenes are, we already know that Marvel typically has 1 serious scene that teases a sequel or an upcoming Marvel project and 1 comedy scene. Given that Tom Holland has been filming “Avengers: Infinity War”, it’s possible that one might link up to the Marvel epic team-up.

In case you’re interested, feel free to check out our “Spider-Man: Homecoming” fun facts feature here.

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