Indonesia’s National Agency of Drug and Food Control has pulled a few Korean instant noodle brands from shelves after it was discovered that they contain pig DNA.

According to CNN Indonesia, the said brands are Samyang’s U-Dong and Kimchi variants, Nongshim’s Shim Ramyun Black, and Ottogi’s Yeul Ramen.

Source: Kabar News

In a press release, Indonesia’s National Agency of Drug and Food Control stated, “The National Agency of Drug and Food Control has conducted sampling and testing of some instant noodle products from Korea. Of the several products that have been tested for specific pig DNA parameters, positive detection of pig DNA was apparent in some products.”


The agency went on to add that the products did not follow the rules that states all processed foods containing certain ingredients derived from pigs must contain special disclaimers, such as the words “Containing Pig” and a picture of a red pig in a red box on a white base.

As a result, the agency has pulled the pig-DNA-containing instant noodles off the shelves as well as the products’ permits.

Closer to home, a quick check on our local Tesco website showed that the hypermarket carries some of these brands. It is not known if the Korean instant noodles sold in Tesco Malaysia are halal-certified.

Local supemarket Jaya Grocer also appears to carry the Samyang Kimchi variant, but a picture of the packaging shows that it carries the Korean Muslim Federation’s (KMF) certified halal logo.

Meanwhile, brands like Nongshim has their own halal food production facilities at its plant in Busan, South Korea, built to produce halal-certified Shin Ramyun and Yukejang Noodle Soup. Furthermore, major Korean food distributor Korea Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd previously received halal certification from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) for its food products (Nongshim, Paldo, Hanil, etc.) imported from South Korea.

To ensure that you don’t accidentally pick up the non-halal, imported ones, check the packaging for the KMF’s certified halal logo, the only halal certification organisation in Korea, which is recognised by JAKIM.


Sources: CNN Indonesia, Korea.netThe Star Online, JAKIM / Featured image: Maangchi.

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