Another idol group has received death threats.

APINK is the latest group to receive threats against their lives, but fortunately, their agency has acted fast and called the police.

Source: Wikimedia

The girls apparently received a death threat call against them and police were then dispatched to their agency, Plan A Entertainment, in Gangnam, Seoul. This happened yesterday (Wednesday, 14th June) at around 9pm KST (8pm Malaysian time).


However, the girls were reportedly at their rehearsal studio in another location and another team was then sent there to protect them in case of any further threats.

The agency has also updated fans on the unfortunate event via their Twitter.

Their statement read:

Police were dispatched to Plan A on Wednesday, 14th June at approximately 8:30 pm, and informed us about the declaration. A request for protection for Apink was immediately made. We are currently seeking the cooperation of the police to ensure the punishment of the person behind the threat, and we will do our best for (the group’s) protection in the future.

Yesterday, TWICE’s Mina was also revealed to have received a death threat from an Ilbe (a popular Korean online community) user. Although the user has since apologised with a handwritten letter, JYP Entertainment will still take legal action against the user.


Earlier this year in March, BTS’s Jimin also fell victim to a few vicious anti-fans, who threatened to take his life during one of the group’s concerts in America.

APINK is set to make their comeback on 26th June and has released their track list for “Pink UP”.

Source: soompi.

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