Yesterday evening (Wednesday, 7th June), Singapore welcomed “Spider-Man: Homecoming” stars Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon. It was their first time in The Lion City.

The young actors were in town to promote their upcoming Sony/Marvel movie, which comes out early next month. Prior to their press conference, Holland and Batalon were seen taking a dip in Marina Bay Sands’ Infinity Pool and posing for photos with fans.

Tom Holland
Source: The Strait Times

When asked about the humid weather in Singapore, Holland replied, “Man, it is hot. I’m not used to that kind of heat. But when we shot the movie in Atlanta, it was a similar heat, and we would be in that shoot all day with me in the Spider-Man suit. It was tough, but it made me look so badass.”


Interesting enough, the handsome actor told the regional press that he wasn’t too fond of spiders. “I hate spiders, I’m terrified of them – but I am getting better at it. We were in Brazil the other day where we had to do an interview with a spider, and I held it and it was okay. But I think the bigger the spider, the less scared I am, because I can see it. The smaller the spider, the scarier it is.”

Holland told the press he was still in film school when he auditioned for Marvel. At 21 years old, the Brit is the 3rd and youngest actor to play the popular web-slinger after Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

The movie star revealed that he had to do “5 self-tapes, 1 audition, and then 2 screen tests” before he got the coveted role. “My audition process was awful. The more auditions and screen tests I did, the more I wanted it. Which is the worst thing! I was searching the internet every 5 minutes to find out any news!” he was quoted as saying.

He found out that he landed the superhero role through the internet. He shared, “I was relaxing on my bed with my dog when I saw the announcement: ‘Tom Holland is the new Spider-Man’ on Instagram! They didn’t even call me! Instagram knew before me!”

Here are more pictures taken during his time in Singapore:

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Since Tony Stark/Iron Man is a mentor to Spider-Man in “Homecoming”, Holland was asked if he learned anything from Robert Downey Jr. “(My best advice from him) is something I’ve seen and watched him do throughout the process of making this movie,” the A-lister said.

He added, “He’s 10 minutes early every day, says hello to every crew member, is kind, polite and hardworking. It shows me that it doesn’t matter how famous you get, how much money you make, you should always treat everyone the same and be respectful to everyone.”

For more on Holland and his highly-anticipated movie, check out our “Spider-Man: Homecoming” fun facts here.

Sources: Strait Times, Channel News Asia, The New Paper, Yahoo/ Sony Pictures Singapore.

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