Starship Entertainment has released more details of SISTAR’s sudden disbandment.

Yesterday (Monday, 5th June), a representative from the company revealed the real reason of the idol group’s disbandment to South Korean media outlet Segye Ilbo.

Source: Star Daily News

According to the source, SISTAR had agreed to disband if any of the members expressed the desire to leave. This was brought up during talks for their contract extension.


Hyorin, who has had a successful solo career under her belt, recently expressed her desire to promote as a solo artiste. Hyorin had informed the company about her desires, especially after the success of her solo concert tours in South America. The members and agency staff tried to persuade the singer otherwise, but they ultimately kept their promise and went ahead with the disbandment.

The representative explained, “Hyorin expressed that the feeling of disbanding now or in several years will be the same as it is now. So they really mustered up a lot of courage to decide on disbanding now.” The talented singer also said that it would be better for the group to disband now, as the members are still “young enough to pursue their own paths and grow within them”.

Starship Entertainment also assured the public once again that there were no discord or conflicts between the members and the company.

They clarified:

Honestly, there were no conflicts within our agency, nor were there any troubles among the members. They happily promoted the group for 7 years without any problems, so we decided to support their individual futures. Age may not be that important in trying out new challenges, but we couldn’t completely ignore age either.

Source: SISTAR’s Facebook Page

SISTAR dropped their farewell track “Lonely” to fans last week and promoted on music shows for one last time. Hyorin will no doubt continue her singing career, and Soyou will go down that route too. Bora and Dasom will continue releasing music, but also plan to expand as actresses in the future.

Source: Koreaboo.

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