If you’ve been seeing a “Get 2 of 268 FREE Air Asia Tickets on their 28th Anniversary!” post being rampantly shared by your friends on Facebook, be warned.

It’s a scam.

Source: Facebook

The post, which is linked to a www.airasia.com-2017-givea.us URL, leads to an online survey. Participants are required to answer several questions e.g. “Have you ever traveled with us?”, “Have you ever been dissatisfied by the services of Air Asia?” before claiming that said participant has won 2 free AirAsia tickets.


Then, the winner will be asked to share the page on his/her Facebook with the caption, “Thanks for my Tickets #AirAsia!” Which is all sorts of odd, by the way.

Source: www.airasia.com-2017-givea.us

For the sake of easy, Google-able validation, we’re just going to put it out there that AirAsia just celebrated their 15th anniversary recently. So it’s for sure that the www.airasia.com-2017-givea.us URL is a scam.

AirAsia has also responded to netizens who have flagged them about the scam in the comments section of their Facebook page, saying, “Thanks for highlighting. We would like to confirm that this is a scam and AirAsia is not affiliated with it in any way. Hope this clarifies, thanks.”

Source: facebook.com/AirAsia

“We would like to once again reiterate that it does not enlist third party services in organizing activities and any announcements are made via official channels such as credible mass media and our official social media channels at all times,” AirAsia replied another Facebook user.

Source: AirAsia’s Facebook page.

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