Nam Taehyun’s departure from WINNER certainly left many fans in shock, including us. However, shortly after leaving, the former member formed his own band, South Club, and WINNER broke records with their single “Really Really“.

Despite some confusion in the earlier stages, both parties achieved successes in their ventures. In an online interview with Dingo Music released yesterday (Thursday, 25th May), Taehyun also gave us an insight into his departure from WINNER and the controversies which surrounded him previously.

Source: QQ Music

The online interview started off with lighthearted banter, with Taehyun and his band members (who were seated behind him) joking amongst themselves. The band members also introduced themselves and their upcoming track, “Hug Me”.


After they got the formalities out of the way, Taehyun revealed that he celebrated his birthday in Germany. But even then, he didn’t really rest as the singer was busy preparing for the upcoming album. When asked about his new position as CEO of his own company, the former WINNER member replied that he felt, “Heavy (and) scary, (as I’m) responsible for everything.

We’re also sure that fans have been curious about the name of his band, South Club. Taehyun divulged the inspiration behind the name, explaining that it was a mix from the movie “Dallas Buyers Club” and his surname Nam (which means South in Korean).

Source: QQ Music

The interview then took on a more serious note when the rest of the members left the room. The South Club frontman was then asked questions about his departure from WINNER, change to his lifestyle, and more. Although the questions were fairly sensitive, Taehyun took it in his stride and answered them calmly.

When asked on why he left, he simply replied, “There are a lot of rumours but there’s nothing more to it. I left after settling things on good terms. We just had different paths to walk. But it was difficult for me (to leave) as the place was like a home to me.

The artiste does not regret leaving YG Entertainment, but did say that he feels sorry. He explains, “There were both good and bad changes because of (my departure), but I hope that there will only be good changes in the future.

Source: QQ Music

On the biggest change after leaving his former label, Taehyun jokingly said, “I became poorer (laughs).” He also explained himself, saying, “When I was in YG I had quite a lot, but now I am back to square one.

More sensitive issues like his controversy for using informal speech to fans and his bad acting were also touched on. “At first it was frightening. A single word I said without much thought would come up on the Internet as evidence that I was a troublemaker. But then I learned to be more careful.

Source: QQ Music

Before concluding the interview, Taehyun exclaimed that he’s thankful to fans for waiting for him and he “survives each day because of them”.


We hope only good things happen to you from now on, Taehyun!

Source: allkpop, Twitter, YouTube.

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