Last week, we got our first look at Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou in CBS’ “Star Trek: Discovery”, the television spin-off of the iconic sci-fi “Star Trek” franchise.

While many viewers complimented the actress on her performance as a starfleet captain, other praised Yeoh for keeping her Malaysian accent.

Michelle Yeoh
Source: CBS

Shortly after the trailer was released, Blastr writer Swapna Krishna said that hearing Yeoh use her own accent made her “emotional”. She wrote, “As a young girl of colour, ‘Star Trek’ was the first place I can remember seeing myself represented. Through characters like Uhura, Sulu, and Geordi LaForge, I saw people that looked a little like me — that shared the first thing people notice about me, a darker skin color — and for the first time understood that I could achieve anything, even serve on a starship. I, and people who looked like me, existed in this future. It was one of the major forces that shaped my childhood and the adult I have become.”


Yeoh, who shared Krishna’s article on Facebook, confirmed that the choice to use her native accent was a “conscious effort”.

Her response received support from many netizens. One social media user known as Kurt replied, “When you say, in the trailer, “We have engaged the Klingons” it sent chills down my back because it reminds me of my favourite Star Trek moment when Patrick Stewart says, ‘We have engaged the Borg'”.

“I have always been a Trek fan but adding you in a leading role just makes it that much better. Trek has always pushed against social norms (especially Hollywood whitewashing) to provide us with a view into a future without racism. Here’s a salute to the baddest starship captain yet!” wrote Michael.

“Star Trek: Discovery” is a 15-episode series that is set to premiere in mid-2017 on CBS and Netflix.

What are your thoughts on Yeoh’s performance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Sources: Blastr, BuzzFeed, Michelle Yeoh’s Facebook page.

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