Rumour has it that Edison Chen (陳冠希) and his girlfriend, Chinese model Qin Shupei (秦舒培), have welcomed their first child recently. According to various reports, Qin allegedly delivered their baby girl in the United States.

So when the Canadian-born actor showed up at the Hong Kong airport on Tuesday (2nd May), reporters were ready to bombard him with questions.

Source: Jayne Stars

When a reported congratulated him on the birth of his daughter and asked him about the purpose of his Hong Kong trip, the actor answered, “I always travel.” Then, he warned the reporter to stop asking him anymore questions. He said, “I don’t want to scold you so please step aside.” However, the reporter requested to ask one more. This angered the 36-year-old fashion icon, who told her off by saying, “I already gave you a chance.” 


Outside of the airport, Chen took out his phone to record the faces of all the reporters and photographers who have been following him. He angrily yelled, “I talked to you nicely earlier and you only show the bad side of me. I told you to stop asking, but did you?”

Source: YouTube screenshot

The price to pay for fame, huh? Upon seeing the video (above), we can see why Chen was upset with the reporters. He was followed from the arrival hall to his manager’s car. To make matters worse, they were filming and taking pictures of him continuously.

A normal person would be mad, don’t you agree?

Sources: Jayne Stars, Toggle.

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