K-Pops fans, get ready to be slayed because 2 of K-Pop’s most popular stars have collaborated!

IU released her long-awaited 4th studio album “Palette (팔레트)” and have enlisted the help of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon on the title track of the same name. The music video and album was released today (Friday, 21st April) at 6pm KST (5pm Malaysian time).

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The singer also spoke up about her thoughts while producing the album.


She said:

A palette contains a variety of colours. My initial thoughts were that during art classes when I was young, I was more interested in the palette than the picture and thought it was pretty. I’ve never been able to draw well, so perhaps that’s why.”

IU also revealed her reason for choosing “Palette” as her album title, explaining, “The palette itself is a tool, I thought it could be a finished product in itself too, and that’s how I got started. Rather than drawing pictures one by on for this long-awaited album, I wanted to reveal to everyone my palette. That’s why the album is called ‘Palette’.

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On speaking about the collaboration with G-Dragon, IU revealed that she had no intention on working together initially. She only contacted him for advice and wanted to discuss ideas with him. However, he went a step further and featured in “Palette”.

(G-Dragon) felt that at the B bridge, a rap would be more suitable than having melody. Someone who already knew the tone of the song and whose voice suited the song would be G-Dragon. I thought it would be suitable to ask G-Dragon, a sunbae who gives me great advice, while giving me freedom and contributing his wit at the same time. I suggested to him (a collaboration) and he gladly accepted the offer.

Although the rapper did not participate in the music video, it is still an enjoyable affair nonetheless. IU dresses up in various outfits and uses tools as well as props like dolls, karaoke screens, and Instagram layouts to convey her message to fans. There’s also a dance routine in the middle of the video, followed by G-Dragon’s rap part. Surprisingly, the BIGBANG leader’s parts were soft and smooth, as opposed to his usual strong and nasal raps.



The singer has also made public 2 pre-release tracks, “Through The Night (밤편지)” and “Can’t Love You Anymore (사랑이 잘)” on 24th March and 7th April respectively. To fans surprise, she also dropped a music video teaser for one of the tracks off her album, “Ending Scene (이런 엔딩)”, which stars Kim Soo Hyun. However, we have no idea when the actual music video will be released.

Aside from the aforementioned tracks, 6 other songs are also included in the album. Namely, they are “This Right Now (이 지금)”, “Jam Jam (잼잼)”, “Black Out”, “Period (마침표)”, “And So Love Is (그렇게 사랑은)”, and “To Name (이름에게)”.

For more info, visit IU’s official website and Facebook page.

Sources: Twitter (1) (2).

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