In March, YG Entertainment announced that WINNER and iKON will be making back-to-back comebacks, with the former slated to release a new album in the first week of April.

The label kept their word and we were pleasantly surprised with WINNER’s double title tracks “Really Really” and “Fool”. And now, Yang Hyun Suk has dropped a teaser video for iKON’s upcoming album release.



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The video was posted on Yang Hyun Suk’s Instagram and gave us our first glimpse of iKON’s upcoming comeback. The short 15-second video shows the boys of iKON standing in position while a camera slowly moves closer towards them. All the while, a short snippet of their upcoming track can be heard in the background.

YG Entertainment also updated fans on iKON’s comeback preparations. According to the company, the group has already finished the music video shoot for the 1st track and has just started the shoot for the 2nd track yesterday (Sunday, 9th April).

Source: YG Entertainment

A source also revealed, “Representative Yang (Hyun Suk) seems to have high hopes for iKON’s new song. He is famous for not being very generous with his compliments, but he has been continuously praising the song in front of staff members.

As iKON has been busy promoting their music in Japan last year, they felt extremely apologetic to Korean fans. The source continued, “This year, they plan on actively promoting in Korea. Like WINNER, they will continue to promote domestically until the end of the year. iKON’s new album’s release date will most likely be decided once the music video is completed.

Source: Destination KPop India

iKON made their debut in September 2015 has only released one album, “Welcome Back“, so far. As it has been 2 years since the group released new music, fans are extremely excited for their upcoming album, which is set to be released in late-April or early-May.

Source: soompi.

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