Netflix has signed an exclusive international licensing agreement with JTBC, a South Korean nationwide general cable TV and broadcasting company, for the network’s new Friday/Saturday TV series “MAN x MAN” (Man to Man; 맨투맨).

Apart from being a Netflix original series, “MAN x MAN” is also Netflix’s first simulcast of a Korean drama in over 20 languages to millions of subscribers across the world. Except for Korea and the US, “MAN x MAN” will stream globally on Netflix the same time as it premieres on JTBC. In Korea, the series will be live on Netflix an hour after airing on JTBC; and in the US, “MAN x MAN” will be in 2 parts, each part comprising 8 episodes each.


“MAN x MAN” is a new series directed by producer Lee Chang Min (이창민), who worked on popular K-Drama series like “Giant”, “Bride of the Sun”, “Birth of a Beauty”, and “Remember: War of the Son”. The latter was written by Kim Won Seok (김원석), who was also recognised for co-writing “Descendants of the Sun“, one of the most successful K-Drama series in 2016.

“MAN x MAN” stars Park Hae Jin (박해진) who has been known for roles in acclaimed works including “My Love from the Star”, “Bad Guys”, and “Cheese in the Trap”. The drama tells the story of Kim Seol Woo (played by Park Hae Jin) a mysterious man of many talents who becomes a ghost bodyguard for a top hallyu star Yeo Woon Gwang (played by Park Sung Woong), the secret “men” who surround him, and their mysterious exploits.

Watch the trailer below:

“MAN x MAN” also stars Park Sung Woong (of “New World” and “The Deal” fame), multiple-award winning actress Kim Min Jung, Chae Jung An (of “Entertainer” fame), and Yeon Jung Hoon (of “Vampire Prosecutor” fame). Song Joong Ki, who stole the show in “Descendants of the Sun” as Captain Yoo Shi Jin aka Big Boss, is also expected to make a cameo in this upcoming K-Drama.

“MAN x MAN” will premiere on Netflix on 21st April 2017.

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