“Descendants Of The Sun” has captured our hearts in many ways. We loved the “Song-Song” couple, the topless jogging military men, and the heart-wrenching moments whenever an attack separates our favourite leads.

But as K-Drama fans would know best, the essence of any great series, is the original sound track (OST). Feast your ears (and eyes) to these tailor-made OSTs, which has sold over 20,000 copies, from the hit drama to prep yourself for the drama’s finale:

Part 1: Yoon Mi Rae – ALWAYS


KBS enlisted hip hop queen Yoon Mi Rae (윤미래), to sing the drama’s main theme, “ALWAYS”. Although the songstress is famous for her rap music, she sang this soft ballad beautifully. This is Yoon Mi Rae’s 3rd OST collaboration with K-indie band Roco Berry.

As the title suggests, “ALWAYS” is a song about loving someone always, whenever and wherever they are.

Part 2: EXO’s CHEN x Punch – Everytime

“Everytime” is a light-hearted song that serves as the theme for lovers Yoo Shi Jin and Kang Mo Yeon. EXO’s Chen (첸) and Punch (펀치) collaborated for the 1st time and they sang about how a couple’s hearts flutter every time they see each other. Just like what happens all the time when Captain Yoo sees Dr. Kang!

After the song’s release, it took over music charts such as Melon, Mnet, Genie, and more.

Part 3: Davichi – This Love


Davichi (다비치), the queens of OST, lent their angelic voices for the drama with “This Love” (이 사랑)! Unlike “Everytime”, this track is a tearful love song and is the theme for supporting lead couple Yoon Myung Ju and Seo Dae Young’s tragic love story.

Part 4: Gummy – You Are My Everyhting

Producers of the drama have been recruiting A-list singers its OST line-up and adding R&B goddess Gummy (거미) to the list is no exception! The singer sings emotionally for “You Are My Everything” and the music video allows fans to re-cap the most important moments of the lead couple.

Like “Everytime”, “You Are My Everything” topped various local music charts after its release.

Part 5: Mad Clown featuring Kim Na Young – Once Again

It is very common in K-Pop to combine rap and ballad together and part 5 of the OST line-up is a soulful track that unites Kim Na Young’s (김나영) beautiful yet sorrowful voice and Mad Clown’s (매드클라운) extraordinary rapping skills for “Once Again” (다시 너를).

This music video allows fans to watch all the heart-wrenching highlights of the Yoon Myung Ju and Seo Dae Young couple.

Part 6: K.will – Talk Love

K.will’s (케이윌) “Talk Love” (말해! 뭐해?) is another chart-topping track from the drama that is a refreshing love song with an upbeat tone. The track also has very strong spring vibe that K.will is famous for.

“Talk Love” is the 2nd song (aside from “”Everytime”) in the OST line-up that is not a ballad. It’s nice to finally hear something happy, no?

Part 7: Lyn – With You


“With You” by power vocal artiste Lyn (린) is a romantic love ballad about the importance of being with the ones we love. The melody of the piano and violin complements Lyn’s smooth voice well. Thanks to the drama’s popularity, “With You” was ranked #1 in 6 out of 7 music charts in its first week of release!

Part 8: SG WANNABE – By My Side

Remember how heart broken we were when we saw Seo Dae Young sneak into the hospital to see Yoon Myung Ju? “By My Side” is K-ballad’s legendary trio SG Wannabe’s (SG 워너비) contribution to the drama and we are completely drowned in their amazing voices.

Part 9: M.C THE MAX – Wind Beneath Your Wings

Last but not least, M.C The Max’s (엠씨더맥스) dramatic ballad track, “Wind Beneath Your Wings” (그대, 바람이 되어) is the latest track that was released last week, which makes another male ballad trio to join the OST line-up. We think that this beautiful song matches our leads’ heartbreaking romance really well, don’t you?

Part 10 will be JYJ Junsu’s track, the song that was used for Kang Mo Yeon’s broadcasted confession to Yoo Shi Jin.

UPDATE (14th April, 10am):

Part 10: XIA (준수) [JYJ] – How Can I Love You

One of our favourite parts of “Descendants Of The Sun” that we could probably watch over and over again has to be episode 8 and episode 9, where Kang Mo Yeon’s “last words” was broadcasted to the entire camp by accident. XIA’s (준수) “How Can I Love You”, the song that played right before Kang Mo Yeon’s very unintentionally public confession to Yoo Shi Jin, is such a sweet ballad that it balanced out the cute but otherwise embarrassing moment perfectly.

Aren’t you excited for the finale this week? 🙂

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Source: All Kpop.

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