Never ever, ever gonna let you go, I won’t leave you again, don’t worry. Never ever, ever gonna make you cry, baby you’re mine.

GOT7 has made their long-awaited comeback with the title track “Never Ever”. The song is included in their 6th mini-album, “Flight Log: Arrival“, which was released at noon today (Monday, 13th March).

never ever
Source: GOT7’s Official Website

The album is the final installment in the “Flight Log” series, after “Flight Log: Departure” and “Flight Log: Turbulence“. Apart from “Never Ever”, the other songs are “Shopping Mall”, “Paradise”, “Sign”, “Go Higher”, “Q”, “Don’t Care (양심없이)”, and “Out”. Unsurprisingly, the members participated in the song-making for all the tracks, with the exception of the title track.


The music video mainly focuses on their choreography, with the members showing off their flashy dance moves in various sequences. Interspersed in the video are solo shots of the members, and we have to say, they look as good as ever with their rugged good looks.

Of course, what’s the “Flight Log” series without a little ambiguity in their music videos, right? We see Jinyoung trapped in an enclosure, drowning in water, and lying on an operation table. There’s no explanation for the scenes, but the GOT7 boys try their best to rescue their beloved member.



Prior to the song release, JYP Entertainment released an 8-minute making film for GOT7’s music video. It gives us an insight into how the members struggled for the shoot during winter, in order to give their best to fans. Behind-the-scene footage also showed us the close friendship of the boys, as they constantly made fun of each other.

GOT7 made their debut in January 2014 and is slowly achieving mainstream fame. The group is particularly popular in countries outside of South Korea, and embarked on their first world tour last year. The tour was titled the  “Flight Log: Turbulence” Tour with Malaysia as one of its stop.


For more info, visit GOT7’s official website and Facebook page.

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