We don’t know about you, but Coldplay has certainly got us hypnotised with their new track.

The track, titled “Hypnotised”, is a non-single song from their upcoming EP “Kaleidoscope”. This comes after the release of their collaboration with The Chainsmokers, “Something Just Like This“.

Source: High Tech Hub

Aside from “Hypnotised”, “Kaleidoscope” will include a total of 5 tracks. They are “All I Can Think About Is You”, “Miracles 2”, “A L I E N S”, and the aforementioned “Something Just Like This”.


Although their latest release might fall flat for some, we can’t help but fall in love with the beautiful lyrics. The song goes:

Been rusting in the rubble/ Running to a faint/ Need a brand new coat of paint/ Found myself in trouble/ Thinking about what ain’t/ Never gonna be a saint/ Saying float like an eagle/ Fall like the rain/ Pouring in to put out the pain/ Oh again and again.

It is extremely soothing and gives us a sense of calmness, and we think it’ll be a good song for times when you’re struggling to fall asleep.


If you liked the track, you can listen to it on iTunes and Spotify.

Coldplay will be dropping “Kaleidoscope” on 2nd June.

For more info, visit Coldplay’s website and Facebook page.

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