After making a trip to the “Bermuda Triangle”, Dean is now stuck in “limbo”.

The South Korean R&B singer surprised everyone last Friday (10th February) when he dropped a teaser video, which announced the release of his upcoming album “limbo”, out of nowhere. And now, he has dropped 2 more teasers and revealed the track list.

Source: Dean's Official Website
Source: Dean’s Official Website

Although the crooner made his debut as a singer in 2015, he has only released one full album, titled “130 Mood : TRBL”, so far. But it seems like fans will have to continue waiting for another full album, as “limbo” is only a single album which will contain 2 tracks. They are “Unwelcome Guest (불청객)” as well as “Come Over (넘어와)”, and the latter track will feature the vocals of 15&’s Baek Yerin.


The 1st video teaser showed several abstract shapes jumping around the screen, and featured the word “Dream” at the end of it. Meanwhile, the 2nd teaser features the sweet vocals of Dean and Baek Yerin along with several hand drawn images. Both videos are in black and white with the title “Come Over”, thus causing fans to speculate that this might be the title track.


Prior to his debut, Dean was already well known in the music industry as a songwriter. The talented artiste not only produced for idol groups such as EXO, VIXX, HISTORY, but also spawned several hits such as “Eternity” and “Black Pearl”. He has also featured in Block B Zico’s “Bermuda Triangle” and SNSD Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s “Starlight”.

“limbo” is slated to be released on 17th February (Friday) at midnight KST.

For updates on the singer, remember to check out his official website, Facebook page, and Instagram!

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