The collaboration of the year is here.

Block B’s Zico has released his highly anticipated track with R&B singer DEAN and rapper Crush at midnight today (Monday, 28th November). The track, “Bermuda Triangle”, was made public after the singer surprised fans with an announcement around a week ago.

Source: Block B's Website
Source: Block B’s Website

Prior to the release, Zico’s label Seven Seasons, told fans that the track is “in a completely different genre from the music Zico has released thus far”, and asked them to look forward to “Zico’s musical transformation” through the track.


Well, we have to say that the wait was well worth it, as “Bermuda Triangle” is just dripping with awesomeness.

The song starts off with Dean’s heavenly vocals, then proceeds into Zico’s sick raps, and finally, transitions into Crush’s smooth verses. The eerie yet cool concept is reflected in the music video, and we can see the 3 of them splurging money and enjoying themselves at various locations, such as a church, back alley, and a piece of deserted land.


The trio, who formed a crew named “Fancy Child”, will also perform at this year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong on 2nd December, so look forward to their live rendition of the track!

For more info, visit Block B’s official website and Facebook page. Also, keep a look out on Zico’s personal Instagram for updates on the rapper!

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