Malaysia has seen a slew of K-Pop artistes arriving at its shores, ranging from legendary groups such as BIGBANG and SNSD Girls’ Generation, to newer groups like GOT7 and The Legend. But never in their wildest dreams did Malaysian K-Pop enthusiasts expect up-and-coming R&B singer Dean to perform in the country.

The talented singer-songwriting was here over the weekend for his “130 MOOD: TRBL Promo Tour in Malaysia”, and we had the chance to attend the press conference held at Loudspeaker Karaoke at Setiawalk in Puchong just before he met fans in Sunway Pyramid.

Source: DEAN Official Website
Source: DEAN’s official website

While on his maiden visit to Malaysia, Dean got the chance to field a few questions from the media, and he talked about his life, songwriting process, and even expressed his thankfulness to fans.


Before answering more serious questions, the singer started the press conference on a playful note, revealing that he was a very rebellious child, and was labelled a “green frog” (a Korean term which describes a trouble maker who does not do as they are told) when he was younger for his unwillingness to obey instructions.

Known for producing songs for popular K-Pop boy groups EXO and VIXX, Dean then gave us a little insight on his songwriting processes, and told us that he doesn’t write songs with groups in mind. Instead, he writes and produces the songs first before deciding whether to keep the song for himself or to offer it another artiste or group. On his interest to work with SHINee’s Jonghyun, Dean said that they won’t be collaborating anytime soon, as they’re both busy with their respective schedules.

Artistes usually have their personal habits/routines before performing on stage, and Dean is no different. However, while most artistes/groups would prefer to listen to music or talk to their members/staffs, Dean told us that he actually drinks alcohol and prays to soothe his nerves!

Source: DEAN Official Website
Source: DEAN’s official website

In regards to Malaysian fans, Dean said that he did not expect fans to welcome him at the airport upon his arrival. Not only did fans turn up in droves, they also came with gifts in hand! His most commonly received gift was chocolate, but the 23-year-old lamented that he won’t be able to enjoy any of it, as he’s currently on a strict workout program.

That having said, the singer insisted that he was still very thankful for all the love and care showered on him. To show his appreciation, he even took the chance to learn the phrase “Saya Cinta Padamu” for Malaysian fans! Awwww.


Before ending the press conference, he also didn’t forget to assure fans that he would try the kings of all fruits – durians – and told us that he tried Nasi Lemak and loved it!

What a sweet guy 🙂

Psst. Take our word when we say that the man looks a million times more attractive in person 😉

Dean is currently in Singapore for his promo tour, and will meet fans later today (Wednesday, 14th September) at Square 2 Atrium, Novena.

For updates on Dean, remember to constantly check out his official website, Facebook page, and Instagram!

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