When it was announced that one of K-Pop’s most popular and powerful girl group 2NE1 was to disband, we’re sure that many of us bawled our eyes out in despair. However, none of us could have imagined the sorrow experienced by the members.

While appearing as a guest on JTBC’s “Talking Street” yesterday (Wednesday, 25th January), it was inevitable that former 2NE1 member Sandara Park would be questioned on the group’s disbandment. And she did indeed shed light and enlighten fans on her thoughts regarding the unfortunate incident.

Source: YG Entertainment
Source: YG Entertainment

The issue was brought up by host Haha (of “Running Man” fame), who said that he was extremely sadden by the news as he was a fan of 2NE1. Co-host Yoo Hui Yeol picked up the topic and commented that Dara must have felt the same too, which prompted a reply from the star.


Admitting that it came as a shock to her, she continued, “I was devastated at first. I was in denial and then became depressed, and now I think I’ve accepted the reality to an extent and decided to participate in the show today.

However, she mentioned that she’s still on good terms with the members, and they still contact each other frequently. “When we disbanded, the members were the people that I contacted and met up with the most. We comforted each other. And nowadays we chat and get food together. They’re still my closest friends.

Source: soompi.
Source: soompi.

Although she revealed that she has already cried her heart out and assured fans that she’s “okay now”, she admitted that she’s “afraid to stand alone”.

In a touching segment, she said:

2NE1 will be saying farewell after spending 7 years together. I’m really afraid to stand alone. I don’t want to say goodbye to my members. Nothing lasts forever in this world and there is no eternal end either. I would like to cherish these special moments and hope to meet up with my fellow members some day.

In the same episode, she also addressed her dating rumours with BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon. Check out what she said here.

Source: YG Entertainment
Source: YG Entertainment

Shortly after 2NE1’s disbandment at the end of November, Dara released several heartfelt letters to Blackjacks (as fans of 2NE1 are lovingly known as) and also shared photos of the group on her Instagram yesterday.

Sources: soompi, allkpop (1) (2).

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