After making public his pre-release track “Home Alone (나홀로 집에)”, which features the smooth vocals of CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa, VIXX’s Ravi has finally dropped his title track.

The music video for “Bomb” was released at midnight today (Monday, 9th January) and the track also features some very lit rap verses from popular rapper San E.

Source: YouTube Screenshot
Source: YouTube Screenshot

Aside from “Bomb” and “Home Alone”, the album also records 5 other tracks, which were all written, arranged, and composed by the idol rapper himself. It includes B-side tracks such as “Rose” (featuring VIXX’s Ken), “Ladi Dadi” (featuring Microdot and Jero), “Do The Dance (아 몰라 일단)”, “Lean On Me”, and “Möbius Strip (뇌비우스의 띠)” (featuring Esbee).


The video was originally released exclusively on V Live and Naver, but was soon taken down as the rapper was accused of objectifying women. According to allkpop, one of the scenes saw Ravi being surrounded by underwear-clad women, seemingly proud of “owing” them. The VIXX member has since apologised for the mistake.

He addressed the incident on his Twitter, saying:

Hello, this is Ravi. I checked that there was controversy of objectifying and degrading women around a scene in the MV of my title song ‘Bomb’. I reflect on my actions that I did not realize this could cause a disturbance. I apologize sincerely to those who were bothered. I will be more careful in the future, and work and think about how to make good music and songs. I’m sorry.”

The initial video has since been removed and a re-edited version can be found on YouTube. The offending scenes have been taken out, but it remains as dope as ever. Not only we see Ravi prancing around the music video set shirtless with his body filled with tattoos, we also get to see the rapper spitting out sick verses while showing off his dancing skills. San E also makes a special appearance in the 3-minute clip.


Ravi made his debut with VIXX in 2012, and then performed in VIXX’s first ever sub-unit with vocalist Leo as VIXX LR. The rapper and songwriter has been heavily credited for VIXX’s music, and has contributed to the writing and composing of over 46 songs recorded by the idol group.

In January 2016, he released his first solo release, a mixtape named [R.EBIRTH], and had rappers Basick, Hanhae, and Soulman featured on it.

For more info, visit VIXX’s official website and Facebook page.

Source: allkpop.

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