Is Ravi going to release another solo effort?

Well, we’re not so sure, but a short video on VIXX’s Twitter seems to suggest so. Rapper Ravi also shared the video on his Instagram, prompting further speculations.

CpBrE0lVMAIMnSYThe video, which was released at midnight today (Wednesday, 7th December), shows only a rock wall. However, it soon crumbles, and the words “RAVI R.EAL1ZE Project” could be seen on it. Not much info has been released, as the video was only accompanied by the caption, “COMING SOON“.


Fellow member Ken also reposted the video on his Instagram, but it surprised fans as his name was included in one of the hashtags. He also asked Starlights (as fans of VIXX are lovingly known as) to look forward to the release.

Prior to this, a short teaser video was released on Tuesday (5th December), with the words “Who Am I?” and “Coming Soon” plastered on the video.

Ravi made his debut with VIXX in 2012, and then performed in VIXX’s first ever sub-unit with vocalist Leo as VIXX LR. The rapper and songwriter has been heavily credited for VIXX’s music, and has contributed to the writing and composing of over 46 songs recorded by the idol group.

In January 2016, he released his first ever solo release, a mixtape named [R.EBIRTH], and had rappers Basick, Hanhae, and Soulman featured on it.

For more info, visit VIXX’s official website and Facebook page.

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