Yoohoo, movie buffs! Have you been finding it hard to keep up with the details of all the upcoming films this year?

Because aside from sure-win action-packed ones like “Captain America: Civil War“, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice“, “Suicide Squad”, “Deadpool“, and “X-Men: Apocalypse“, there are also fantasy flicks like “Alice Through The Looking Glass”, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them“, and “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”.

Batman v Superman Still 2 - Batman
Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Not forgetting the long-awaited sequels, “Finding Dory“, “Star Trek Beyond“, “Zoolander 2”, and so many, many more. You’d have barely enough time to catch your breath in between movies, that’s for sure. And it’s hard to remember all the titles off the top of our heads!


Luckily, YouTube channel Burger Fiction has taken the liberty to put together a “super trailer” of what you can expect from the huge box office year. Created by Andy Schneider and Jonathan Britnell, the massive trailer mashup features key scenes off the best trailers from the forthcoming films.


Our only gripe is that fact that it’s only 2-minute-ish-long. That’s okay. We’re patient enough for the movies to come out.

We think.

For more information or for more awesomeness, hit up Burger Fiction’s website.

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