VIPs, prepare your money, prepare your heart, and prepare to hyperventilate because there’s only 6 more days ’til the release of the highly anticipated full “MADE” album!

YG Entertainment has begun the teasing process of BIGBANG’s comeback and they unveiled the name of the title track and a teaser image through the idol group’s social media pages.

Source: BIGBANG's Official Facebook
Source: BIGBANG’s Official Facebook

The upcoming effort, due to be released on 12th December, is titled “FXXK IT (에라 모르겠다)” and leader G-Dragon had a hand in the track. He wrote the lyrics and composed the song alongside Teddy, fellow member T.O.P and R.Tee (a rookie producer from YG Entertainment’s sub-label Black Label).


The teaser image also gives off a psychedelic feel and we see that T.O.P has dyed his hair pink. Also, is Daesung rocking a greyish-blue hairstyle?! Nothing much is known beyond the name of title track, but we have a feeling that it will be a headbanger like “Fantastic Baby” and “Bang Bang Bang“.

However, VIPs will have more to look forward to, as an insider has revealed that their upcoming album will be “amazing”. The 10-year-old group is also planning to release this album with double title tracks and 2 music videos.

Source: BIGBANG's Official Facebook
Source: BIGBANG’s Official Facebook

UPDATE (7th December, 9:29am):

BIGBANG leader G-Dragon has taken the liberty to update fans via his Instagram with more details regarding the upcoming release of “MADE – The Full Album”. Following the big reveal of the album’s first title track, “FXXK IT (에라 모르겠다)”, yesterday, it has now been announced that the 2nd title track is called, “Last Dance”.

As expected, VIPs are reeling over the news as they’ve been waiting eagerly for BIGBANG’s full album since the release of their MADE “project series”. However, some fans have also quickly pointed out the title of the 2nd track – “Last Dance” – and questioned if it was meant to be a cryptic message.


Judging from how abruptly and quickly YG Entertainment recently dismissed both 2NE1 as well as WINNER’s Nam Taehyun, it’s not entirely surprising that YG stans are worried. Moreover, this will be BIGBANG’s last comeback as 5 as T.O.P, the eldest member of the group, will be enlisting in the army on 9th February.

BIGBANG Last Dance
Source: G-Dragon’s Instagram

UPDATE (8th December, 12:04pm):

As their comeback inches nearer and nearer, BIGBANG has released more details regarding “MADE – The Full Album”.

The track list was dropped today, and it revealed that 3 new tracks will be included in the album. It comprises of 11 songs in total, which are the aforementioned “FXXK IT” and “Last Dance”, 8 previous tracks from [MADE] series, and a new track called “Girlfriend”.


The new number is arranged by Teddy and Choice37, with lyrics by G-Dragon and T.O.P. The BIGBANG leader also had a hand in the composition of “Girlfriend”, with help from Teddy and Choice37.

We’re not sure if the track will have a music video, as it is not a title track. We guess we just have to wait patiently ’til 12th December!


UPDATE (9th December, 9:45am):

3 days to go until BIG BANG releases their “MADE – The Full Album”!

In anticipation to their comeback, the group has dropped a cheeky video teaser for “FXXK IT” and we can’t stop smiling at their boyish actions. The funny short clip shows the boys hanging out reading and watching porn (?) in a small living room while the track’s chorus plays in the background.


“MADE – The Full Album” will be made public on the night of 12th December (Monday), but the physical version of the album will only reach the hands of fans on 23rd December.

For more info, visit BIGBANG’s official website and Facebook page.

Sources: Koreaboo, G-Dragon’s Instagram.

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