When WINNER’s “EXIT: E” series was released, fans were overjoyed. They thought that it was an end to the group’s year-long hiatus, but sadly, it was not meant to be.

After the album was made public in February, fans waited anxiously for the rest of the “X”, “I”, and “T” series, but even after 10 months on, the albums were nowhere to be seen. What came was a very unexpected announcement from YG Entertainment, as they revealed that maknae Nam Taehyun will be halting all activities due to mental health issues.

WINNER Test Photo #2 Taehyun


However, it seems like things are more complicated than that, as fans realised that the singer has been uploading original music and covers from other artistes on his Soundcloud account, just days before and after the company released the statement. However, after receiving no feedback from the company or singer, the issue was slowly forgotten.

That is, until the “I’m Young” singer posted a mysterious photo on Instagram, claiming that he just “wants to sing”. The photo in question has the sentence “I JUST WANT TO SING” plastered against a background of what looks like the seaside, and was followed by the caption “Yes” by the singer.

Fans claimed that something was fishy after he deleted the post hours later. Many are speculating that there are disagreements between the company and the WINNER members, with the company wanting to “abandon” the group in order to focus on other artistes on their roster. They are also insisting that Taehyun’s photo was an act of defiance against the company.

However, there are also some who are saying that Taehyun just needs some time to heal and recuperate, and are grateful to the company for offering that. Others are also saying that there are no hard evidences against YG Entertainment and to refrain from jumping to conclusions.

Source: allkpop
Source: allkpop

While we don’t know the truth behind the issue, we sincerely hope that both parties resolve the issue (if there is any) and that Taehyun gets well soon.

Are fans over-complicating the issue, or do you agree that there’s conflict within the company? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below.

Source: allkpop.

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