Forget whatever you know about the previous King Kongs, this new giant ape is bigger, badder and more ferocious.

Ever since “Kong: Skull Island” debuted its first teaser trailer at San Diego Comic-Con in July, we’ve seen glimpses of Kong hiding in the shadows. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we finally have the first full image of the gargantuan creature in action.

KONG: SKULL ISLAND Warner Bros. Pictures
Source: Warner Bros. Pictures via EW

In the image above, Kong is baring his teeth with all of the animalistic rage towards something off screen. “That sequence comes from a point in the movie where you’re not quite sure who Kong is, what his purpose is, how people should be perceiving him,” explained director Jordan Vogt-Roberts.


Through the folly of man, where our initial instinct is to attack anything that is not a known quantity, both sides jump the gun, Kong and the humans, and it kicks off a relatively messy engagement. At first, of course you’re going to perceive something like that as a terrible threat and monster — the physicality of him alone,” he added.

Source: Warner Bros.

The new Kong in the upcoming movie is not black. Instead, his fur is brownish in colour to give the impression that this Eighth Wonder of the World exudes a god-like presence.

The creature return to his rightful place as King of the Jungle when “Kong: Skull Island” hits cinemas on 10th March 2017.

Sources: Movie Pilot, Movie Web.

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