“My Sassy Girl” fans, rejoice!

When it was revealed that “My Sassy Girl” would have a sequel, fans were begging for the reunion of the original couple, Cha Tae Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun. However, it wasn’t meant to be, as “My New Sassy Girl” saw f(x)’s Victoria took over the position of the female lead.

Source: soompi
Source: soompi

All is not lost, as a source close to the production of upcoming SBS drama “The Legend Of The Blue Sea” has revealed that the onscreen couple will be seeing each other in an upcoming episode. Cha Tae Hyun will be making a surprise cameo in the drama, and that particular scene will include Jun Ji Hyun as well.


Not much details is known of the scene, but we’re sure excited for it! Will they make references to the actors’ past collaboration? Well, one can hope, right?

In addition to Cha Tae Hyun’s appearance, a large number of celebrities will also make cameos, which includes f(x)’s Krystal.

Source: International Business Times
Source: International Business Times

Penned by “My Love From The Star” writer Park Ji Eun, “The Legend Of The Blue Sea” is said to be a fantasy romance drama based on a Korean folklore about mermaids/mermen set in the Joseon era. It was recorded that real-life historical figure, Kim Dam Nyeong, released mer-people that were caught by fishermen back to the sea.

Jun Ji Hyun plays the last mermaid in the world who steps foot into a city for the first time while Lee Min Ho plays a genius conman named Heo Joon Jae.


The Legend Of The Blue Sea” will be broadcasted every Wednesday and Thursday at 11pm Malaysian time, commencing from 16th November. Each episode will run for around 60 minutes and the drama will last for 20 episodes.

Source: soompi.

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