Social media is abuzz with photos of a primary schoolgirl chained to a lamp post. The photos were allegedly taken at the parking lot of Sunway Perdana Condominium in Bandar Sunway.

Apparently, the young girl was punished by her mother because she didn’t want to attend Mandarin class.


But as the photos have been re-shared many times, we weren’t able to determine which was the original post. One particular post from a Facebook page called Time iruntha vanthu parungge was shared over 950 times.

According to several sources, the child’s mother has supposedly been caught and brought to Sunway police station.

Upon seeing the photos, many netizens didn’t take too kindly towards the mother’s choice of discipline. Many slammed her for bad parenting and accused her of child abuse, saying that she deserves to be locked behind bars.

“In my opinion, this is very bad parenting, if you don’t know how to take care and raise a child then don’t make one, get a Durex,” commented Nair.

Even so, some netizens sided the mother, saying that her actions “weren’t that bad” and that children must be disciplined when needed.

Muthurajan wrote, “Nothing wrong. Disciple should start from young age. Next time this embarrassment will make her move forward”.


A similar case happened months ago in Penang where a boy was stripped naked and chained to a staircase at a flat housing area by his father because he misbehaved.

What are your thoughts on the mother’s actions? Let us know your thoughtss in the comments below.

Sources: The Inscriber’s Facebook page, Aj Raj’s Facebook pageTime iruntha vanthu parungge Facebook page.

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