Best known for his hits like “I Want Candy” and “I’m All About You”, Aaron Carter, who is also the younger brother of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, was like the Justin Bieber of the early 2000s.

But things for the former child star went downhill after his parents decided to announce their divorce an hour before he was set to shoot his episode of MTV’s “Cribs” many years ago.

Source: YouTube Screenshot
Source: YouTube Screenshot

In an interview for “Oprah: Where Are They Now” that was released on Saturday (22nd October), Carter said, “It was 2004 or 2003, a lot of money was coming in, we had the biggest estate in all of the Florida Keys. I had to show all the cameras my life that I was losing and nobody ever knew it.”


The singer admitted that after his parents’ (Jane Elizabeth and Robert Gene Carte) divorce, he became depressed and began “self medicating” with drugs.

“The depression was brought on because I loved my family being together. I did not want to see them divorced. I couldn’t dwell on it. I couldn’t think about it too much. I kind of had to block it out. I started partying and getting into a lot of trouble. With everything that was happening, I started losing all my money. I went broke.” he said on the show.

Source: Old Rock House
Source: Old Rock House

Carter also talked about the death of his older sister, Leslie Carter, who died from a drug overdose in 2012 at only 25 years old.

“I wasn’t making that much money. Fortunately, I just hit my bonus—$10,000 the week before Leslie died—and I actually reached out to her two weeks before that and I said I’m going to get you the money to go to rehab. She wanted it and her phone got cut off,” he shared, adding that he learned that life means so much more than money and fame after she died.

Watch the interview in the clips below:

We’re glad that the singer is doing well now. He recently released his new single, “Fool’s Gold”, on 1st April and the song is set to be feature on his upcoming studio album, “LØVË”. Carter is currently on tour around the US.


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Sources: E! Online, New York Daily News.

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